DivvyWork Pricing

Start Up

$ 199 Monthly

  • 1 to 5 Employees
  • $19.99 Per Employee After the 5th
  • 2 GB Storage
  • 8.99 Per GB After 2 GB Max 6
  • Up To 2000 Leads/Customers
  • As Low As $39.80 Per Employee Per Month


$ 299 Monthly

  • 1 to 15 Employees
  • $14.99 Per Employee After the 15th
  • 4 GB Storage
  • 7.99 Per GB After 4 GB Max 9
  • Up To 9000 Leads/Customers
  • As Low As $19.93 Per Employee Per Month

Industry Leader

$ 399 Monthly

  • 1 to 35 Employees
  • $12.99 Per Employee After the 35th
  • 7 GB Storage
  • 6.99 Per GB After 7 GB Max 12
  • Up To 15000 Leads/Customers
  • As Low As $11.40 Per Employee Per Month

DivvyWork was designed to give businesses a cost effective way to manage their entire operation. As such we try and bill as low as we can. There are a few factors that will determine your final cost of using DivvyWork:

1) Monthly Service Rate
2) Number of Employees
3) Setup Cost
4) Customizations
5) Overages

Monthly Service Rate

DivvyWork offers a very low monthly service fee of $219.99 for up to 5 users. This is $30 off the regular monthly rate and this rate will be locked in for two years.

Number of Users

For each employee after a company has reached the maximum allowed employees for that package an additional monthly charge will be assessed. The amount charged for additional employees will depend on the package the company has selected.

Setup Cost

DivvyWork can help you get setup on the system in different ways. Some companies will want data import services and this can be provided. There are costs associated to these types of service but it is usually a one-time fee before you migrate users on to the system. Cost of data input can vary depending on the amount of data you are inputting into the system, the format your existing data is in and the amount of manual conversion is needed make everything run correctly. If you are not inputting past data and just entering inventory and employee lists the costs are minimal.


Customizations will be considered on a case by case basis but not all changes will be approved if they do not enhance the system as a whole. There are billing costs associated with customization requests.


Most companies will not pay overage charges as they will only be applied to companies with excessive usage patterns. A lot of the time these charges will occur because of a lack of basic housekeeping within the system. For example, this could occur if your document folder is too large because you have 10 copies of every file saved or you are using more bandwidth than most of the other companies because you are using the API incorrectly or linking directly to the system rather than pulling info to your site and using that shared source. For those companies that just need the excessive amount of data, bandwidth or other resources, that is fine however the more of the system resources you will have to pay a little extra. You will be notified before any billing if you wish to correct the issue. This prevents abuse and ensures there are always enough resources for the system to run smoothly.