Manage Your Distributed Workforce With DivvyWork

Managing employees that are spread across the country or a state or even across town can be a challenge for small to mid-sized businesses. Especially if they don't have the technological infrastructure to help bring everything together. To run smoothly you need a way to give your employees the tools they need to do their jobs and managers a way to track progress and view results.

Email, spreadsheets and phone calls can go a long way in running the day to day operations of your business but there are tasks that need more structured communication and tracking. To fill these needs most companies will turn to 3rd party software applications that will do one or two functions well. Some company will have up to 5 different software packages to handle different aspects of their business. Other companies will invest tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of dollars to either purchase enterprise level solutions or have a custom solution built for them.

While it can be cost effective the problems you face with hobbling together various 3rd party solutions is that they very rarely talk to each other. This makes it hard to get a clear picture of what is going on and there is a lot of reentering of information from one application to another. Also even though these it is often impossible to add the small tweaks that would really help the application fit your business model. The other two more costly options, enterprise and custom solutions can be very nice but out of reach for many small business as their price tags can be extremely high. On top of their initial cost other expenses can include: hardware upgrade expenses, additional programming cost, training expenses, benefits for programmers who are FTEs, loss of time for business units as they work with the development team to build the solution and more.

Enter DivvyWork

DivvyWork is a cost effective completely integrated 3rd party SAAS cloud solution that handles most aspects of basic operations and can even be expanded to fit the needs of your company. With our system everything your company does is in one place... your CRM is in there, your inventory is in there, your invoices are in there, you ticketing, your call logs, your employees, your locations, your departments, they are ALL in there. Since all your information is in DivvyWork it is important that you can restrict who in your company gets to see what information, of course you can. So everyone will have what they need to do their job and not more.

So let's say you have sales people in New York City, Dallas, L.A. and Tampa Bay. Your distribution center is in Denver and you main office is in Buffalo. Here is how DivvyWork could help your company make the sale get the product to your customer and collect the payment from the customer. By allowing your sales people access to your invoices and inventory they can see what they have available to sell and can created an invoice in no time. The invoice can be sent into fulfilment status so that your distribution center can see it and fulfill the order. As soon as the items are sent out the shipping information can be added to the invoice and the invoice can be closed. Once they close the invoice your accounting people in Buffalo can see it come up in in the accounts receivable section of DivvyWork and connect the customer for payment. There it is, no emails need to be sent to move the invoice though your company and everything is tracked and taken care of as it should have been.

With DivvyWork you can manage your employees no matter where they reside by tracking their time, noting attendance events, setting schedules, and tracking the work they do inside of DivvyWork. For example, you can track how many calls were logged by your sales people, how many invoices were opened by an employee or how close an assigned project task is to completion. It makes no different if that employee in the office down the hall or two thousand miles away. If an employee is remote you would setup a location for them inside DivvyWork once that location is setup it is available to ask as a company location with that employee tied to it.

Sharing information with all your employees is simple with DivvyWork the document management area allows you to share documents with individuals, departments or the company as a whole. Assigned task show up on every employee's dashboard so everyone know what needs to be done when. So it makes no difference if you are in Wyoming and your staff is in New Jersey with DivvyWork everyone is on the same page.